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GJグロブラー 南アフリカ大使からのメッセージ

・ 南アフリカ共和国大使館
102-0093 東京都千代田区平河町2-1-1 TEL:03(3265)3366
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Congratulations to the International Friendship Centre (IFC) which is promoting good relations between Japan and other countries including South Africa. South Africa and Japan enjoy excellent bilateral relations which continue to grow stronger.

Since South Africa’s historic elections of 1994, South Africa’s young democracy has grown and prospered. The Government is working hard to achieve a better life for all its citizens and lay the basis for sustained development. Japan has been a trusted partner in this regard.

South Africa will proudly host the FIFA Soccer World Cup in 2010. This is the first time ever that this Cup will be held on the African Continent. Japan has qualified for the games so we expect many enthusiastic fans to come support the Blue Samurai whilst at the same time enjoy South Africa’s unique culture and traditions, its scenic wonders and its rich bio-diversity. The World Cup will be a truly spectacular African event that will leave a lasting legacy.

Next year, will also mark the centennial celebrations of our official relations. A number of activities in the political, and economic and cultural fields are planned so that we can expand our relations even further. We particularly look forward to greater people-to-people contact and will count on organisations such as the IFC to help us achieve this objective.

GJ Grobler
Ambassador of South Africa



The vibrant and modern city of Johannesburg also known as “Egoli” or the “City of Gold” in South Africa’s economic heartland province of Gauteng is the backdrop to the new state of the art stadium “Soccer City”. The stadium will host some of the FIFA World Cup games as well as the final during 11 June - 11 July 2010. Come experience the warm hospitality of South Africa’s diverse “rainbow” people at the southern tip of Africa, where the Indian and Atlantic oceans meet.